El Tamerlan Kennel since 1979


How can this lion doggy be described? The diminutive signal is indicating its size, which amounts to only 25-27 cm measured by the shoulders. This little, but small body is covered by thick fur reaching to the ground, on its head creating a long hair, a moustache and a beard. The black tip of the ears together with the whiskers  are considered as precious marks. 

Technically every fur colour is allowed: golden, white, black, smoky, bicoloured (two coloured) and so forth. Lhasa Apsos are exceptionally vigilant, their hearing is excellent. Nothing is escaping their attention. In spite of its small stature, the Lhasa Apso is belonging to the persistent and strong breeds. These allegations are also supported by its firm musculature and by the big capacity of its lung. It is constantly ready to cover big distances. Tensing Norkay, a Mount Everest researcher-climber was examining the breed’s capacity of resistance on the occasion of a Himalaya expedition. The hikes were less tiring for the participating dogs than for the experienced alpinists.

In the monasteries in the cold Tibetan climate the small furry animals are taking on the role of a “bedheater”.  They were always close to humans, for this reason the love for their owners is part of the characteristics making up the breed. It is filling their body with complete satisfaction if they can snuggle against their “humangod”. Inside of  the family a Lhasa Apso is always  choosing its leader its own, the other family members  are treated by him/ her lovingly well however it is making them feel the hierarchy. The mistrust towards strangers is likewise peculiar to the breed. If somebody is not appealing to them , as a consequence they cannot be forced no way to put up with that person, they don’t give any attention to that human.
Lhasa Apsos like to play with other dogs however they don’t despise neither  playing on their own, during which they appear to be “catlike” with their funny movements. It is a long-lived breed, which is until now free of any hereditary osteogenesis abnormality. Even the old dogs are preserving well their temper. The Lhasa Apso is strong willed, intelligent, feels exactly what it can trigger of somebody. The small puppy is like a little doll nonetheless if we are not bringing it up consequently then later it will be hard for us to have things our own way. It is living and dying with its entire heart and soul for its owner and this can cause an ideal connection in case of appropriate upbringing. Their fur is two-ply: the undercoat is thick, woolly, while the shafty outer coat is straight, feeling relatively hard.

The maintenance of the fur is an everyday task and the owner is advised  starting to take care of it already the age of  eight weeks. At the beginning the puppy is going to object it but later it is going to get used to it and is even going to demand it as a new form of contact with its beloved human.
A lot of people are frightened away by the ground sweeping fur of those dogs that are in their exhibition condition. A home favourite doesn’t need to run around like that : after shedding down the puppy fur, their fur can be trimmed variedly. Some reckon them to be cuter that way.
In a home environment their hair can be bound in two ponytails so that the strains of hair don’t fall into everything. The long head fur doesn’t affect their sight which although doesn’t come up to that of the Whippet, but it is not bad either. The exhibition hair is requiring sacrifice both from the dog and from the owner because beside the increased maintenance, the long outer coat has to be coiled up, if possible it even has to be separated from the rest, because during play time the carefully kept fur coat can suffer damage. Towards younger animals they arise almost immediately as protector. Even those male dogs with a strong character tend to take care of the just few weeks old puppies.

Towards children Lhasa Apsos are cautious, however after both sides are
trained to get used to each other, they get on perfectly well with each other .

Those who have decided wanting to spend their lives with a Lhasa Apso, those people have to accept the fact, that in a small body a huge soul and pride is residing. They make an intelligent and intellectual partner, who have to be treated accordingly. Being kept in a crate, far away from their families, in solitude lasting an entire day is not are not ideal conditions for them, because although they love to sleep ( if possible on a pillow), they prefer doing it close to their owner.